Sports Journalism in the Internet Age

Matt Parrino is the Buffalo Bills beat reporter for and he covers the NFL team through a variety of media, including the award-winning podcast “SHOUT!” where he is a co-host with Ryan Talbot through NewYorkUpstate. Matt provides pre-game coverage on TV in his home city of Buffalo and is active all across social media.

Before he started covering the Bills, Matt spent 4 years with the UFC as their digital media director. In this episode, he shares some great insight on the use of social media in sports and how 24/7 coverage can be as exhausting and challenging as it is inspiring.

Matt is also an adjunct journalism professor at the University of Buffalo and you can follow him just about everywhere on social media:

@MattParrino on Twitter
@MattParrino on Instagram
MattParrinoBills on Facebook

Sports Journalism in the Internet Age
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